August 4, 2015

V-A Research Week

A little known fact about the V-A. Dr. Debra Romberger is the Associate Chief of Staff for Research at VA Nebraska – Western Iowa Health Care Systems in Omaha and says many people do not know they play a role in medical research.  

Dr. Romberger says the VA helped develop devices like the cardiac pacemaker, the CAT scan, shingles vaccine, liver and kidney transplants and much more. She says the VA is breaking ground in arthritis and diabetes research, mental health and spinal cord injury. She says the VA continues to break ground on arthritis and diabetes research as well as spinal cord injuries, substance abuse and infectious diseases.  

May 19th through the 23rd is VA Research Week and Dr. Romberger says they are planning a number of events to celebrate on Friday at the Omaha facility. She says there will be poster exhibits of research related activities, speakers as well as a briefing and tour for federal and state representatives, commanders, heads and members of voluntary and veterans’ organizations as well as members from affiliated universities.

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