October 4, 2015

Regent Reacts to Heineman Application for NU President

The search for the next University of Nebraska President continues after Governor Dave Heineman threw his hat into the ring earlier this week for the job. University of Nebraska Regents Chair Howard Hawks says he fears the governor’s announcement this week that he is applying for the job will discourage other qualified candidates.

“I think statistically and in our case, it will for certain reduce the candidate pool,” according to Hawks. “Which is not the same as saying we won’t get a great candidate or great candidates. But there will be people that conclude there’s no chance,” Hawks says.

Hawks says the regents will view all candidates with the same criteria and will select the best person for the job. Hawks also says a lack of a master’s or doctorate degree doesn’t disqualify Heineman or any other applicant from being considered for the position.

“I think it’s possible that it isn’t a prerequisite, but it’s certainly a benefit, especially as it relates to acceptance by the faculty which is an important area for our university. The faculty have to be pleased with the president that’s chosen,” Hawks says.

The process to select the next NU President does not have a set timetable, but four finalists will be announced publicly after the application process ends.

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