September 4, 2015

Audit Finds Highway Superintendent Claimed False Overtime Hours

Over 1700 hours of overtime worth nearly $50,000 is an overpayment according to State Auditor Mike Foley after a recent state audit found a Dundy County highway superintendent had claimed to have taken no vacation time, but evidence points to the contrary. Foley says a Facebook photo posted by the wife of Superintendent Michael Edwards from Lake Dillon, Colorado led them to believe something wasn’t adding up.

“During this stretch when he claimed he was working and getting all of this overtime, his wife posted on her Facebook page, a picture of the two of them out for a walk out in Lake Dillon, Colorado,” Foley notes. “That’s about four and a half hours away from Benkleman, so he couldn’t have been working that day as claimed because he was in Lake Dillon, Colorado.”

Foley says their office conducts background checks and uses other methods in their investigations.

“We do our homework when we’re looking at people under investigation,” Foley states. “As part of this investigation, we happened to do a Facebook search of him and his wife and then found this photograph of him on vacation at a time he claimed he was working.”

It’s unclear what happens next, but Foley suggests that Dundy County keep better track of its records and establish a clearer policy in regards to clocking in and out during work hours

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