November 26, 2015

Gov. Heineman vows to get to bottom of early inmate release

Gov. Dave Heineman vows to get to the bottom of the mistakes made by the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services that led to inmates being prematurely released from prison.

The Omaha World Herald reports in a special investigation that the department miscalculated prison time served for 50 inmates who received early release, with more than 150 inmates set to be released prematurely.

“I’m very unhappy with what occurred. I intend to hold those who are responsible accountable,” Heineman tells reporters during a news conference at his Capitol office. “In the meantime, our focus is on those who are out who shouldn’t be.”

Heineman says the state will not simply let the inmates walk.

“We’re in communications with the Attorney General’s office to figure out what are the appropriate legal steps to have the individuals who were released who have not completed their term; how do we bring them back in to the state correctional system to complete their term?”

Heineman says his office will work with the Attorney General on how the state should respond and what legally it can do to bring those inmates back into the prison system.

“A mistake was made, no question about that at the department of corrections. Now, we need to correct that.”

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