September 4, 2015

Deputy fired, charged with lying about being shot during traffic stop

A Richardson County Deputy Sheriff has been fired after being arrested on charges that he lied about being shot by an unidentified assailant earlier this month.

The Richardson County Sheriff’s Office has issued a news release in which it states Joshua Nincehelser now is suspected of staging the events of June 9th when he reported he had been shot.

The office says that Nincehelser admitted he lied about the events during an interview with the Nebraska State Patrol. Nincehelser is alleged to confessing that he shot himself in the arm, fired several shots into his patrol vehicle, then made a false report to the county dispatcher.

The sheriff’s office says authorities became suspicious about Nincehelser’s story when several items of physical evidence did not corroborate his version of events.

Authorities arrested Nincehelser Friday afternoon and charged him with the felony counts of criminal mischief, and use of a firearm to commit a felony, as well as misdemeanor counts of obstructing government operations, false reporting and abuse of public records.

Arraignment in Richardson County Court has been set for July 14th.

Richardson County Sheriff Randy Houser noted the Nebraska State Patrol led the investigation into the case.

On June 9th, Nincehelser reported he had been wounded during a traffic stop off of Highway 75 in southeastern Nebraska when the driver fired several shots at him. Two bullets were in the hood of the pickup and at least one bullet went through the windshield of the pickup. The back window of the pickup was shattered.

According to an affidavit, the State Patrol investigation plotted trajectories of the bullets that struck the patrol vehicle, and it appears the bullets must have been fired from a higher point than would have been possible if fired by a person seated in a passenger car.

Further testing indicated the .40 caliber shell casings Nincehelser claimed were fired by the assailant were actually fired by a .40 caliber handgun issued to Nincehelser by the Sheriff’s Department.

By John Nixon,  KLZA


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