February 6, 2016

Member of Omaha Tribe sentenced to 8 years for fatal child abuse

A member of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska has been sentenced to eight years in federal prison after being convicted of abusing a 14-month-old child who later died of head injuries.

United States District Court Judge Joseph F. Bataillon sentenced 22-year-old Mark Anthony Grant, who resided on the Winnebago Indian Reservation, to eight years of imprisonment for his conviction for child abuse resulting in death. Grant also will have to serve three years of supervised release after prison.

According to the District of Nebraska United States Attorney Deborah Gilg Grant lived on the Indian reservation with Julie Paulson and her children. Paulson left Grant with her 14-month-old son on the morning of September 10th last year. About an hour and a half after Paulson left, Grant took the child to the Indian Health Services Hospital emergency room in Winnebago.

The child had fixed and dilated eyes, consistent with head trauma. He was taken to Children’s Hospital by helicopter where he eventually died.

Doctors at Children’s Hospital determined that the child had significant cerebral edema, severe bilateral retinal hemorrhages and bilateral subdural hematomas, according to Gilg. The doctors determined the child’s injuries had to have been caused by a violent rotational injury which caused the child’s head to whip back and forth or side to side, which classified his injuries as abusive head trauma.

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