February 7, 2016

Federal aid could offset livestock losses from tornadoes (AUDIO)

Livestock producers affected by the tornadoes in the Pilger area could receive some disaster assistance from the federal government.

The Pilger tornado destroyed houses and businesses. It also hit livestock producers as well.

Sen. Mike Johanns has met with producers in wake of the tornado.

“They’ve got dead livestock. We’ve got to somehow figure out a way to help them dispose of that,” Johanns told reporters in Pilger. “We’ve got debris in every farm field between here and wherever that storm lifted up. Some of that debris you can’t work around.”

The EF-4 tornado destroyed houses and businesses, even a school in Pilger. It hit feedlots in the Wisner area as well. Other producers in the area suffered property and livestock loss.

Johanns says a couple of federal programs could help. The United States Department of Agriculture Livestock Indemnity Program covers losses due to weather. The Emergency Livestock Assistance Program could help producers buy feed, even offset the cost of removing debris and repairing fences damaged by the storms.

Johanns advises farmers and producers to visit their local Farm Service Agency office for more information. Also, he says producers need to carefully document their losses through photos, videos, and any receipts for expenditures used in recovery.

Susan Risinger, WJAG, contributed to this report.

AUDIO:  Brent Martin reports [:40]

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