February 10, 2016

Historic B-17 Flying Fortress over metro skies Saturday

An unfamiliar sound will be heard coming from the skies over Omaha on Saturday and it will generate a lot of attention. The Liberty Foundation’s WWII B-17 Flying Fortress bomber the Memphis Belle is on tour at the Council Bluffs Municipal Airport.


The Memphis Belle is one of only 13 B-17’s that still fly today.


John Shuttleworth is the pilot of this historic aircraft and says flying this restored beauty is far different than today’s aircraft. He says it operates on cables that you really have to work at to manage so you truly are flying the plane. There is no auto-pilot or radar so they rely on old techniques to keep the Memphis Belle in the air.


The Liberty Foundation spends over $1.5-million annually to keep the plane airworthy and on tour and fees from rides and donations fund the project. On Saturday the Memphis Belle will be at the Council Bluffs Municipal Airport and starting around 9 am rides will be offered to the general public for a fee of $450. Passengers can also become Liberty Foundation members for $40 and receive a discount for family and friends. After the last flight ground tours will be available for a donation.


Those wanting to schedule a ride or for more information can call 918-340-0243 or visit libertyfoundation.org.


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