August 28, 2014

Special prosecutor to press false report case against deputy

A special prosecutor has been appointed to pursue charges against former Richardson County Deputy Sheriff Joshua Nincehelser, accused of triggering a massive manhunt in southeastern Nebraska after falsely reporting her had been shot during a traffic stop.

Kale Burdick with the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office will serve as special prosecutor in the case as Acting Richardson County Attorney.

Charges filed against the 25-year-old Dawson resident include a felony count of criminal mischief for intentional damage to property of Richardson County, in excess of $1,500.

Three misdemeanor charges have also been filed: false reporting for furnishing information to a peace officer he knew to be false, official misconduct for being a public servant knowingly violating a statute of lawfully adopted rules relating to his official duties, and obstruction of government operations by impairing the administration of law or other governmental function by breach of official duty or an unlawful act.

In the early morning hours of June 9th, while on duty as a Richardson County Deputy Sheriff, Nincehelser allegedly shot himself in the upper left arm, but reported to the dispatcher he had been shot by an unidentified assailant when he stopped to check on a car parked on a county road.

The report sent law enforcement into action. A massive manhunt began. It included a Nebraska State Patrol helicopter, state troopers, and local law enforcement.

Nincehelser’s vehicle had several bullet holes. Nincehelser was treated for the gunshot wound at a Lincoln hospital.

During the investigation of the incident by the Nebraska State Patrol, Nincehelser allegedly admitted he shot himself in the arm, fired several shots into his patrol vehicle, and falsely reported to his dispatcher he was chasing a fleeing vehicle.

No motive has been released to explain his actions.

Nincehelser is currently being held at the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services Diagnostic and Evaluation Center at Lincoln. Bail was set a $50,000 with 10% cash requirement, but also a $45,000 surety bond.

Nincehelser is currently scheduled for arraignment in Richardson County Court on July 14th.

By John Nixon, KLZA