February 9, 2016

Nebraska Latino coalition supporting child immigration

A coalition of Latino representatives from Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island and other cities will host a news conference Friday, July 18th at 10:30 am at the state capitol to respond to the “vitriol and bigotry being expressed by Governor Heineman and other state elected officials toward the immigrant children being forced to abandon their families in Central America to seek safety and comfort in the United States of America”.  

Approximately 200 children from Central America are being housed in Nebraska but the federal government has refused requests by state officials to identify them or who they are staying with. Advocate Ben Salazar, moderator of Friday’s event says the federal government has taken on the task of placing the children in Nebraska and is confident the state has agencies, churches and services in place to meet all needs.

The news release also states that the children are being met by racism and stereotyping of the worst kind by elected officials whose hateful messages are not reflective of the sentiments of all Nebraskans. They want to send a positive and compassionate message to these children and their families that they will be welcomed with open arms.

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