February 14, 2016

Nebraska Republicans defend lawsuit against President Obama (AUDIO)

House Republicans have pushed through a measure to press a lawsuit against President Barack Obama and two Republicans from Nebraska insist it’s not such a far-fetched idea.

Congressman Adrian Smith acknowledges filing a lawsuit against the president for executive overreach is unprecedented, but he counters the president’s actions are unprecedented.

“I think this is the first time we have had an executive that has basically threatened Congress if we wouldn’t do what he wants us to do that he’ll use his pen and his phone to go around us,” Smith tells Nebraska reporters during a conference call.

The lawsuit claims President Obama, a Democrat, has violated the separation of powers in the constitution through several executive orders, including executive orders on climate change, immigration rules, raising the minimum wage for federal contractors, and changes to the federal health care law.

Smith calls the lawsuit an effort by House Republicans to defend the Constitution. He says it is appropriate to file a lawsuit, especially in light of the president’s numerous changes to the Affordable Care Act, the federal health insurance law he pushed through Congress.

Smith says, “This is lawlessness.”

Sen. Mike Johanns stops short of endorsing the move by his fellow Republicans in the House, but has no sympathy for the president.

“I look at this and I say to myself, ‘He’s brought it on himself,’” Johanns tells reporters during his weekly conference call.

Johanns accuses Obama of thinking he got elected king.

“I feel no sympathy for a guy who’s attitude is so cavalier that he says to the American people if you don’t like what I’m doing, sue me,” Johanns says. “I just think that’s just outrageous.”

All but five Republicans voted to file the lawsuit against President Obama. All the Democrats in the House voted against it.

AUDIO:  Brent Martin reports [:50]

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