November 22, 2014

Attorney questions Lincoln Regional Center’s refusal to treat Jenkins

A hearing will be held on Thursday to determine what to do with convicted killer Nikko Jenkins. The man who killed four people in Omaha one year ago was found incompetent to be sentenced so Judge Peter Bataillon ordered Jenkins to the Lincoln Regional Center for treatment. Earlier this week the Lincoln Regional  Center refused to accept Jenkins stating they do not have adequate security or a bed.

Omaha Defense Attorney Bill Gallup says officials at the Regional Center may be called to the hearing as Judge Bataillon may want an explanation.¬†They will have to show cause why they shouldn’t be held in contempt of a court order. Gallup isn’t buying their excuse that the Lincoln Regional Center doesn’t have a bed or security to house Jenkins.

Gallup says, “They are going to have to explain why they can’t get a bed. They can get a cot at the Army – Navy store. There is no difficulty housing Mr. Jenkins down there.”

Gallup says the Regional Center housed mass murderer Erwin Charles Simants there for years without difficulty. He says they have plenty of guards so safety shouldn’t be an issue.