August 27, 2015

Cargill pays nearly $200K in fines for failing to plan properly

Cargill has paid $187,500 in fines to the federal government for failing to have emergency plans in place for “worst-case” oil spills at its storage facilities in Blair and in Eddyville, IA.

The Environmental Protection Agency Region 7 announced the settlement in which Cargill, headquartered in Minnetonka, MN, pays a civil penalty.

According to the EPA, Cargill failed to have a Facility Response Plan (FRP) for the facilities as required by the Clean Water Act. Each of the facilities produce and store more than a million gallons of oil. They have a combined storage capacity of more than 7 million gallons.

“The Clean Water Act requires large oil storage facilities to have adequate response plans to prevent a spill from turning into a large-scale environmental disaster,” said Karl Brooks, EPA Region 7 administrator said in a written statement released by the EPA. “The lack of a Facility Response Plan for these facilities can have serious consequences for humans and the environment in the case of a spill. This settlement helps protect the communities of Blair, Neb., and Eddyville, Iowa, if spills were to occur.”

The EPA says it discovered the lack of planning during sections of the two facilities last year.

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