February 13, 2016

Mental health expert advises us to share feelings in wake of Robin Williams’ death

Many people are mourning the apparent suicide death of actor and comedian Robin Williams.

Even though we didn’t know him personally Williams made us laugh and cry and that is why so many people are shocked at the news.

Dr. Hudson Hsieh, director at Alegent Creighton Health’s Lasting Hope Recovery Center in Omaha, encourages those upset or sad to talk about their feelings. Hsieh says typically people first feel disbelief followed by shock. Some will feel anger. He says that is very normal reaction to bad news and it is good to talk about it with friends and family.

Williams had suffered from depression and Hsieh hopes his death brings into light the seriousness of mental health. He says it is normal to feel sad or down but when it lasts several weeks or longer it is a good idea to seek help.  Hsieh says clinical depression in itself is a serious disease and there is still the stigma surrounding it as a mental disorder. That is why many people do not seek treatment and why many can’t just “snap out” of it.  He says depression is serious, but treatable.

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