February 7, 2016

FEMA rebuilding specialists in Beaver Crossing and Seward


Federal Emergency Management Agency rebuilding specialists will be in Beaver Crossing and Seward this week to help provide information to those rebuilding or making repairs to their property after the Mother’s Day tornado. Barb Sturner is an External Affairs Officer with FEMA and says they will answer questions about safe rooms and protecting homes from future disaster-related damage.

FEMA estimates that for every dollar spent on mitigation can save almost $4 if another disaster hits. Sturner says many of these tips are good for homeowners wanting to protect their property from future damage and can be done at little or no cost.

Sturner says if you have to replace your water heater instead of putting it on the floor elevate it by using a platform. That way it is protected in case there is a weather related flood or if a pipe or washing machine hose breaks.
Sturner says a great way to prevent mold is when you install drywall leave ¼ to ½ inch clear at the bottom. She says drywall absorbs moisture from a spill or water related accident and mold can grow on the reverse side without anyone knowing it. That gap prevents the drywall from touching the moisture and the space is covered by base boards so no one sees the gap.

Mitigation specialists will be at Beaver Hardware and Supply in Beaver Crossing and Seward Lumber and Home Center starting Thursday, August 14th through Tuesday, August 19th.

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