November 25, 2015

Huskers dietary needs featured in Sports Illustrated article (AUDIO)

In this week’s Sports Illustrated, on page 20, there’s a small column written on the Huskers and their nutritionist Ryan Reist. The article talks about how he creates individual meal plans for each Husker that based on the player’s age, height, weight, body-fat percentage and his on-field goals.

The two examples they used were defensive end Randy Gregory who had to add 20 pounds. Reist upped Gregory’s daily intake between 4,500 and 6,000 calories. Meanwhile, sophomore defensive tackle Vincent Valentine needed to lose ten pounds, so Reist told the defensive tackle to swap flavored water over sports drinks and cut out the greasy fast foods. That’s advice most of us could probably use right?

This is really the final week of fall camp for the Huskers. After this, the team will go into game week mode as they get ready for their season opener on the 30th against Florida Atlantic.

Offensive coordinator Tim Beck was too happy with the fact that there were a lot of dropped passes yesterday, but overall as a whole he’s satisfied with where the offense is and they are on par with where they should be at this point of camp.

Quarterback Tommy Armstrong had a strong day and he said he’s done a better job of managing the expectations at his position.

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