October 5, 2015

North Omaha activist holding voter rally Saturday

Omaha activist Preston Love Jr. says there are a lot of similarities between northeast Omaha and Ferguson, Missouri, where Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer earlier this month. Love says both communities have a high poverty rate, low employment, high teen pregnancy and STD rates, educational achievement gaps and low voter turnout. Statistics show African-American communities in both cities have an 8% voter turnout.

Love says many problems experienced in both cities could be solved if residents took part in elections and vote for representatives that recognize those issues. He says there are many issues on the November ballot in Nebraska that would benefit those in north Omaha. Love says, “We have so much at stake. So many people we need to elect. So many issues that will work in our own self interest and if we don’t have enough sense other to vote at 8% then we deserve what we would get.”

Love is holding a North Omaha Community Voter Rally on Saturday from 9:30 until noon at FontenellePark to encourage more residents to vote.

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