October 24, 2014

Two men sought in Omaha bank robbery

Photo taken by security cameras in bank

Photo taken by security cameras in bank

Omaha police are searching for two men who robbed the Security National Bank at 80th and Cass Street Friday morning. Officers were called to the bank just after 10:00 am.

Police were told one of the suspects was armed with a handgun. After getting an undetermined amount of money the two took off in a maroon colored vehicle.

Pheasant & quail hunting starts this weekend

This is a great weekend to enjoy the great outdoors. Nebraska Game and Parks Department spokesman Greg Wagner says leaves and other fall foliage is at the peak of color. He says Indian Cave State Park south of Brownville is one of the best areas to enjoy the fall colors.

This is also the season opener for pheasant and quail hunting in Nebraska. Wagner says pheasant numbers are down in the state because of habitat loss. However, Branched Oak Lake northwest of Lincoln is reporting a good pheasant population.

There is good news for quail hunters. Wagner says quail have different habitat requirements and there are more quail this year than we’ve had in the last several years.

Hunters are reminded to practice safety at all times and to ask the farmer first.

Moody’s drops Omaha’s bond rating

Moody’s Investment Service downgraded the city of Omaha’s bond rating from A-A-1 to A-A-2.

The report shows Omaha’s financial outlook is stable but retiree health care costs, unsettled labor contracts and the federally mandated sewer separation project as reasons for the lower mark.

The bond credit rating business goes on to say that significant progress to reduce pension liabilities and reduction in Omaha’s budget’s fixed cost burden could put the city back in the A-A-1 category once again.

Douglas County Emergency taking precaution against Ebola

In an effort to protect the public from the possibility of Ebola, Douglas County 911 is making changes to their ambulance transport policy. Douglas County Health Department Director Dr. Adi Pour says those with flu-like symptoms calling for an ambulance will be asked a few more questions.

Dr. Pour says 911 operators will ask if the patient has traveled in the last 21 days. If the person had been in West Africa within that time frame an ambulance specially designed to care for Ebola patients will be sent to make the transport.

Dr. Pour says, “That is a precaution in the unlikely event that a person infected with Ebola will come into the community. This community has had experience with known Ebola patients and has handled and treated those individuals very well. However, as a community, we need to be prepared to handle a suspect case like Mr. Duncan in Dallas.”

Dr. Pour says those needing an ambulance for an injury, medical condition or other illness will not be asked those questions by the 911 operator and the change will not impact those services.

Crescent sun setting in the western sky tonight

image NASATonight’s sunset should be spectacular. John Johnson is the outreach coordinator with the Omaha Astronomical Society and says there is a solar eclipse this afternoon.

Johnson says viewers will notice a small notch out of the sun around 4:30 pm.  About an hour later nearly half of the sun will eclipse.  He says the sun will still eclipse when it sets around 6:30 so there should be fantastic coloring and unusual shadows

Johnson says even though part of the sun is blocked by the moon it is still very dangerous to look at. The Omaha Astronomical Society is setting up telescopes with special filters at Zorinsky Lake at 4:30 until sunset so the public can safely view the eclipse.