August 29, 2015

20-year-old charged with kidnapping and rape of 8-year-old girl in Lincoln

Cody N. Riddle/Photo courtesy of Lincoln Police Dept.

Cody N. Riddle/Photo courtesy of Lincoln Police Dept.

A 20-year-old Lincoln man has been arrested, charged with the kidnapping and rape of an 8-year-old girl.

Lincoln Police Department spokeswoman Katie Flood says the suspect is accused of entering the girl’s residence with the intent to rob the house. Then, he changed his mind.

“An 8-year-old girl remembered going to bed only to awake, bound, in an unknown garage,” Flood tells reporters at a briefing. “The suspect allowed her to leave early the next morning, threatening that if she told police or her parents he would kill them.”

The girl went home and told her parents about the incident.

Flood says police arrested Cody Riddle shortly thereafter.

An investigation continues to see if Riddle is linked with reports from other children about a stranger approaching them after they left school.

Flood says Riddle has been charged with kidnapping and first degree sexual assault of a child.

“I think a situation like this is right up there with an officer’s worst nightmare and a parent’s worst nightmare,” Flood says. “This is something you never want to happen to a child in your community.”

Jane Monnich, KLIN, contributed to this report.

29-year-old dies in deadly motorcycle accident in Omaha

A 29 year old Ralston man is dead after a motorcycle accident Thursday afternoon in southwest Omaha. Police Sergeant Chuck Casey says just before 3:30 a Suzuki XR1 motorcycle hit the rear end of a turning car near 98th and Q Street.

Sergeant Casey says witness’ says the motorcycle stopped at a red light at 96th Street. When the light turned green it took off at a high rate of speed. A vehicle headed in the opposite direction was making a left turn into an apartment building parking lot when the motorcycle struck it. The motorcyclist, identified as 29 year old Sean Miner of Ralston was thrown from the motorcycle. Officers arriving at the scene started CPR and that continued on the way to a hospital where Miner was pronounced dead.

Sergeant Casey says the motorcycle had been reported stolen in Omaha on Tuesday and it had been hot-wired. Records show Miner did have a current driver’s license but was not certified for a motorcycle. He also had been cited four times since last November for driving on a suspended license.

The 17 year old driver and two 17 year old passengers were not hurt.

Court tosses out claim involving Lexington rendering plant

GavelA federal appeals court has rejected a claim by STABL Incorporated which stated environmental quality testing results involving the company’s rendering plant in Lexington were not valid and should not have been used as evidence toward the issuance of a $2.3 million fine against the company for violations of the federal Clean Water Act and the Nebraska Environmental Protection Act.

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals issued its ruling on Thursday, rejecting formal arguments made by STABL.

The penalty was handed down by a federal judge a year ago after federal officials determined STABL had exceeded allowable wastewater discharge limits hundreds of times between August 2006 and May 2010 with the company receiving more than $1 Million in economic benefits as a direct result.

By Brent Wiethorn, KKPR, Kearney


Babysitter accused in death of Hastings child

HandcuffsA 33-year-old woman is suspected of killing a toddler she was babysitting earlier this year.  

Azudany Serrano-Contreras is charged with committing intentional child abuse resulting in death.  

Serrano-Contreras was babysitting 19-month-old Aliyana Peterson March 12th in Hastings when she allegedly stuffed a baby wipe down the toddler’s throat.  

Serrano-Contreras told police she was wiping the girl’s face when she turned around to grab lotion.  When she turned back, the baby was gasping for air.  

She was taken into custody by Border Patrol Agents at the U-S/Mexico border last week.


Smoke shops raided, Lincoln residents arrested; accused of selling synthetic drugs

Drugs_syntheticTwo Lincoln businesses have been raided and three residents have been arrested, accused of selling synthetic drugs.

Federal authorities took away box after box of product from Dirt Cheap and Island Smokes that they claim is synthetic marijuana mislabeled to avoid drug regulations.

A federal indictment accuses the smoke shops of selling synthetic drugs between October 2013 and April of this year. It claims the owners made more than $100,000 off their sale in one year alone.

Authorities arrested 36-year-old Allen Peithman Jr., 69-year-old Sharon Elder, and 26-year-old Jacie Sanne. The three face harsh penalties and fines.

Peithman is Elder’s son. Sanne worked for them.

Lincoln Police Chief Jim Peschong says while they weren’t the only ones selling synthetic drugs, their operation was the largest.

The charges result from a 14 month investigation.

Lincoln Police Chief Jim Perschong says the drugs aren’t as innocent as sellers claim.

“A lot of these people who have used this synthetic marijuana are going to have medical problems and issues for the rest of their lives that they’re going to have to contend with,” according to Perschong.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson says the problem of synthetic drugs extends well beyond Lincoln, leaving ruined lives and shattered families in their wake.

“These facilities and these individuals were responsible for that,” Peterson says. “They were distributing, they were making profit, and they were taking advantage of destroying lives. I can’t think of a more wretched way to earn a living than destroying young people’s lives by selling these products.”

U.S. Attorney Deborah Gilg says the investigation doesn’t stop here.

“I want to assure the members of the public that everyone here, both on the federal, state, and local level, are all working very hard to continue this investigation and to follow it wherever it leads and to bring any other individuals that are similarly situated in selling synthetic marijuana to our community that they are also brought to justice,” Gilg says.

Jane Monnich, KLIN, contributed to this story.