April 19, 2014

Surprise truck inspection Wednesday

The Nebraska State Patrol conducted a surprise truck inspection at 203rd and West Maple Road Wednesday. A total of 77 commercial trucks were stopped and inspected. Inspectors found more than 400 violations and 38 vehicles were taken off the road. Those vehicles were not safe on the road because of bad brakes, bald tires or other safety issues.

It wasn’t just faulty trucks that inspectors were looking for. Four citations were issued for not having a commercial license or no license at all. The Omaha Police Department assisted in the special enforcement.

New scam involves “phishing” texts to your cell phone

Nebraskans, particularly in the Siouxland area, are being warned about bogus text messages that claim to be from Wells Fargo Bank, directing people to go to a phony website and enter their account information.

Angie Kaipust, spokeswoman for the bank in Sioux City, says it’s a “phishing” scam.

Kaipust says, “What these fraudsters do is they send a message to a wide audience, including customers and non-customers, and they’re hoping someone’s going to click on the link and give their personal financial information.”

She says there’s a course of action you should follow: “If you get a suspicious message, whether it’s a text message, a voice message or email and they’re asking for your personal financial information, delete it and don’t respond to it.”

After you delete the message, she says it’s a good idea to contact your bank and ensure your account hasn’t been compromised.

“Cardholders are protected by our zero liability protection,” she says. “That means you’re not liable for any unauthorized transactions that are made when you promptly report it to us.”

The bank already has that information on its customers, she reminds, so they wouldn’t be asking for it.


Nikko Jenkins found guilty of killing four in Omaha after release from prison

An Omaha man is found guilty of four murders last summer and of weapons charges. It was just last week that Nikko Jenkins wanted to enter a plea of no contest to those crimes but Douglas County District Judge Peter Batallion refused that plea stating. Jenkins on Friday filed a hand written document stating he was ready to plead guilty however that isn’t exactly what happened in court today.

Judge Batallion did accept Jenkins’ no contest plea on all 12 charges. Judge Batallion then declared him guilty for the murders of Juan Uribe-Pena, Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz, Curtis Bradford and Andrea Kruger. He was also found guilty on eight gun charges.

At one point Venita Glasgow, the mother of murder victim Curtis Bradford, ran from the courtroom sobbing when prosecutors detailed that murder.

Jenkins previous court hearings have been described as a circus and today was no different. At times Jenkins interrupted, spoke in the language of what he called a serpent god and broke out in laughter. At one point Jenkins claimed he had no knowledge of the murders and objected to the evidence presented by prosecutors. At that point Judge Batallion asked the prosecutor if he had any problem with accepting Jenkins’ no contest plea. The prosecutor agreed and Judge Batallion found him guilty.

Jenkins faces the death penalty and he will be sentenced by a three judge panel later this year.

Man accused of plane disturbance in court today

23 year old Joshua Suggs will make his first court appearance today. Suggs was on a Chicago to Sacramento flight when he caused a ruckus and tried to open a door on the plane. Three people subdued him until the plane landed at Epply Airfield.

Omaha attorney James Martin Davis is representing Suggs and says today’s hearing will determine if his client will be released or detained and that depends if he is a flight risk or a danger to the community. Davis says he will ask the judge to order a psychological evaluation before that decision is made.

Davis says Suggs suffered, “a panic attack that was either psychologically or pharmaceutically induced.” He says in Suggs’ mind the plane was “up and down” and the recent Malaysian Airline incident added to his insecurity.

Suggs is charged with interfering with a flight crew and if convicted he could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison. Davis says the question now is whether his acts were intentional.

Car theft ends with one arrest in Omaha

An Omaha woman who left her car running unattended in her driveway this morning is now without a vehicle. Omaha Police Lt. Michael McGee says two men walking by got in and took off. An Omaha police officer was nearby and spotted the stolen vehicle and gave chase but the driver didn’t stop.

Lt. McGee says a short time later the driver crashed into a bridge. Both men got out and ran and the driver was taken into custody a few blocks away. The passenger is still on the run.