August 27, 2014

Union Pacific building fire in Omaha overnight

Omaha firefighters had a problem when they arrived at the Union Pacific Railroad building downtown at 2:00 am Wednesday morning. Omaha Battalion Chief Dan Olsen says flames were coming from a sign outside the building. Firefighters were not able to reach the sign as the building is a high-rise and their ladders couldn’t reach to the 19th floor.

Chief Olsen says, “It is an eye opener when you pull up to a 19 story building and see flames from basically the top floor but we train for these events.”

Officials with Union Pacific helped firefighters remove a panel and they were able to reach the flames with fire extinguishers. Besides a little smoke there is no damage to the building. Employees that were evacuated were allowed back inside the building a short time later. No one was hurt.

Lincoln police investigate deadly fall out of roof of SUV

Lincoln Police are trying to determine why a 27-year-old Lincoln man climbed out of the sunroof of a sport-utility vehicle while it was moving and fell to his death.

The victim is identified as James Rubio.

Police say the incident happened around 12:30am Sunday morning in southeast Lincoln near 52nd and La Salle Streets.

Rubio, a passenger in the SUV, climbed out of the sunroof and fell to the street. Rubio died at the scene.

Police are awaiting blood tests results from the driver to determine if alcohol played a role in the incident.

By Jane Monnich, KLIN

Teen-age driver in fatal crash charged with texting while driving

A Sidney teen-ager will be in court on suspicion of texting while driving in the fatal accident of another teen from Chappell.

A petition has been filed by the Cheyenne County Attorney’s Office against 16-year-old Hayden Graham in juvenile court on charges of motor vehicle homicide, texting while driving, careless driving and failing to stay right of center.

Court documents indicate Graham had taken his brother home, and then took a friend home in Chappell after attending the county fair in Sidney July 31st.

At just after 11:30 that night outside of Sidney on Highway 30, Graham and 19-year-old Karman Reichman were involved in a head-on collision. Reichman was flown to Scottsbluff for treatment but died of the injuries suffered in the crash. During the investigation law enforcement concluded Graham “had sent and received numerous text messages prior to the motor vehicle accident.”

Graham is scheduled to appear in court September 3rd to face charges.

By Dave Collins, KSID

Cut cable cuts off main State Patrol phone number; alternative now in use

A cut cable has cut off phone serve to the main business number operated by the Nebraska State Patrol.

NSP reports a phone outage caused by the cut cable has disrupted phone service to the Nebraska State Patrol main business number (402) 471-4545 and the Nebraska State Patrol non-emergency Highway Helpline 1-800-525-5555 (*55).

The outage does not affect Emergency 911 calls. If you have an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

NSP has provided an alternative number until repairs restore service. Citizens wanting information or to do business with the Nebraska State Patrol should call (402) 479-4952.

Woman from Columbia dies in Lincoln car wreck

A woman from the country of Columbia died in a traffic accident in Lincoln.

Lincoln police report 61-year-old Luz Guzman-Carrera died at a Lincoln hospital from injuries suffered in the accident at South 56th and Van Dorn Streets Monday morning.

Guzman-Carrera was a passenger in the vehicle driven by 28-year-old Margarita Marroquin-Guzman. The driver attempted to turn left onto Van Dorn. A pick-up driven by 57-year-old Douglas Walker slammed into the passenger side of the vehicle.

Police say four others suffered injuries in the accident.

Chris Whitney with KLIN contributed to this article.